The Best Crypto Browser

This post contains affiliate links, you can read more here

This post contains affiliate links, you can read more here

Staying home?

Good News For The Tough Times

Cryptotab is the best crypto browser right now

Get paid for surfing the web!

Stuck at home due to the coronavirus lockdown? Just about time to make some extra buck! Check our step-by-step guide on how to earn crypto for just using the browser as usual.

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best crypto browser

6 easy steps to get the most out of CryptoTab Browser

Follow the guide to maximize the outcome.

Install CryptoTab on your devices

First of all, download and install CryptoTab Browser—it’s free of charge and will take just about a minute. Turn your desktop PC, Mac or any of the mobile devices into a mining farm: with CryptoTab you can earn BTC even on a smartphone.

Invite other self-isolated to join you

While mining by yourself is a good start, inviting new users and building up the affiliate network is what brings real money. The thing is: you get % of cryptocurrency mined by your affiliates on each level up to the 10th. It’s easy to attract new users during the lockdown—so your income will be growing like a rolling snowball!

Multiply mining speed on mobile

Mine way more BTC, and much faster—by using CryptoTab PRO and its Cloud Boost feature. Cloud Boost makes mining up to 10x faster on the same hardware; it doesn’t drain the battery out and can be used on several devices at once.

Get paid for new users

Good news! Web traffic has increased by 30-50% due to the lockdown—capitalize on it! Join the OrangePie program and get 2 USD every time a new user installs the desktop version of CryptoTab or CryptoTab for Android. Please, note: the users installing desktop browser have to be from the UK, USA, Canada or Australia—in order for you to get rewarded. In the case of installing the mobile version, users from 87 different countries will be counted as legit new installers.

Share links, rip the profit

With URL shortener you can make money literally out of thin air. Just find some engaging content, be it videos or articles, use to shorten the links, and share it with your friends, visitors or followers. Every click will bring you money!

Stay tuned, don’t miss out

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We hope this guide’s given you some ideas on how to earn online during the lockdown—and after it ends

Best Crypto Browser

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We here at love to use cryptotab browser everyday and earning bitcoin as a result, try it out now for yourself and start earning btc.