Please email us for more detailed information. And if you have other requests than the items listed below im sure we can work something out.

What Do We Offer?

We create customized campaigns based on our clients’ needs and requirements, this may include the below in multiple combinations.

  • Sponsored Content *
  • Do Follow Links **
  • Banner Ads
  • Press Releases

Example Ads



Based of Google Analytics Sep 2021

  • Over 5000 Unique Visitors per month
  • Over 8000 Page Views per month
  • Facebook: 603 Followers
  • Twitter: 169 Followers


Prices may fluctuate as the site grows, we only accept payments in crypto.

  • Sponsored Content $75
  • Do Follow Link $15
  • Banner Ad $20-$50/month (Depending on location) Support desktop and mobile ads

How to advertise?

Reach out to us here

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    There might be cases someone pretending to be us. Please carefully look at the email address when you recieve an email from our side [email protected] or [email protected]


    *only sponsored content that match our website

    **will not accept links to any nudity or illegal/scam websites