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Bybit is launching the Biggest BIT with a 8.5 million BITs giveaway on Bybit, spilt into 3 events.
🔥Event 1🔥 – Bybit Launchpad (Get BIT for existing deposits on Bybit)(5 Million BIT) – the most important event. Start depositing from now till 26th September.

Join Bybit BitDAO airdrop

Here’s how your users can participate in Event 1 on Bybit.

1. Sign up to Bybit using your link, if they have not

2. Deposit as much money as possible to Bybit to maximise earning potential

3. Click on the “Join Now” button, located on this page on 27-28 Sept.

Bybit will take daily snapshot of their wallet balance from 22nd Sept to 26th Sept, and distribute the BITs to participating users based on their proportions of assets. Each user can win up to 3,500 Free BIT.

Event 2 – Bybit Launchpool (Stake your BIT and receive APY)(Not Started Yet – 500k BIT)

Event 3 – BIT airdrop (Additional 600 BIT for traded volume of $100,000)(Not Started Yet – 3 Million BIT) – Grab up to 600 BIT depending on your trading volume.

Maximum a user can receive from all these 3 events is: 4,100 BIT, equivalent to currently about $6800 USD
🔥Additional Rewards for Affiliates!!>> For every user that is under you and participated in any of the following 3 event, you will receive 10 BIT.

Moreover, if you managed to get 3 clients who claimed airdrop, you will receive an extra 200 BITs, and scale all the way to 1000 BIT. This data will also be reflected in your affiliate portal soon, latest by next week.

CREATE A BYBIT ACCOUNT HERE:👉 https://www.bybit.com/bit-launch-event?affiliate_id=18756&group_id=22617&group_type=1👈✅ 8.5 Million BIT giveaway, up to ~$6800/user Airdrop available

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